Equinox is shutting down on September 30th, 2021. Read the full announcement here.
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Iterate Rapidly
Stop bundling up many changes into large releases. When your customers can easily update their code, you can push new features and fixes faster. Start getting feedback immediately, just like you do with your web services.

Native Packages
Make sure installing your software feels like a native experience on all platforms. Equinox packages your application into native installer formats like MSI, pkg, rpm, deb and more.

Release Automatically
Equinox provides an easy to use commandline tool which makes it simple to integrate with your existing build and release process. Automate away the entire process of pushing updates to your clients.

Flexible Channels
Do you have some customers who are willing to run your latest code? Push new releases to a beta channel first before making them stable and allow your customers to choose the channel that is best for them.

Be Safe
Downloading new code to run from the internet is fraught with peril. Equinox makes it easy for you to use industry best-practices to sign your new code and let your clients automatically verify that the update is authentic.

Lower Support Costs
When you make it easy for your clients to keep your software up to date, they're more likely to run the latest version of your code with all of your bug fixes. It means fewer support questions about solved problems and fewer variables to consider when diagnosing issues.

Bandwidth Optimized
Equinox delivers binary patches to clients instead of shipping entire binaries. This greatly reduces the bandwidth and time required by clients to update. Best of all, this happens automatically without any configuration.

Cross Platform
Equinox's updating strategy is tested to work properly across all major operating systems and architectures. Updates work just as well on a Raspberry Pi as they do on a Windows desktop.